Due to mail delivery problems that caused many members to receive the Summer 2001 “Legend” and the enclosed announcement of the Fall 200 1 field trip after the event took place, the Ford Mill Tour was repeated on April 27, 2002. A group numbering almost 40 members and their guests enjoyed a bright, sunny Spring day in the Southeastern Michigan countryside. The parade of cars on the tour included 5 classics

Just as with the Fall 2001 tour, this group spent time at the splendidly renovated Sharon Hollow Mill. This mill and the surrounding property have been beautifully restored, renovated and landscaped into the Washtenaw County Parks, “Sharon Hollow County Park”. Watch for more details of the September 27, 2002 dedication in the next “Legend”. Although somewhat remote this site is a “required” side trip if you are in the Ann Arbor / Tecumseh, Michigan area.

Once again HFHA Board member, Lee Koepke gave us an extensive tour of every square inch of his former Ford Motor Company Brooklyn mill. As with the fall tour the group had to be dragged from this site so that we could continue our journey to the remaining mills. Two stops later I unfortunately “crossed signals”, concerning our arrival time, with Joe O’Neal, owner of the Macon – Dynamic Kernels mill and HFHA member, and the group departed this site just minutes before Joe and his wife, Karen arrived to lead a tour of this incredibly maintained mill. Ironically, HFHA Past President, Dick Folsom and his son, Patrick, who planned to join the balance of the tour at this location, also arrived after the group left. As a result Dick and Patrick were treated to over an hour tour that included a chance to run cheap jerseys much of the equipment. Dick said that Patrick would not soon forget turning the valve that released the water to turn the 18-foot “Poncelet” water wheel. The error concerning the time of our visit was totally my fault and I want to apologize to the O’Neal’s and thank them for taking the time to give the Folsom’s a great experience.

After completing the tour many participants finished this daylong tour with ice cream at “Yesterday’s” just off the cheap jerseys 1-94 interstate at the Zeeb Road exit in Ypsilanti, Michigan. This combination automotive book/gift store and car museum is another must see if you are in the area.