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Early Ford V8 Museum

We’re NOT your typical Museum. We feature Flathead V-8 engines, transmissions, rear axles (many of them “cut-a-way” models showing the inner workings); tons of memorabilia, service items, including test equipment and tools; a dashboard collection, carburetors, tires & rims, clocks for every early V-8 year; Schramm air compressors, showroom banners, advertising posters, and on and on. All Genuine Ford. We’ve got enough Fantastic Ford items to keep you busy “exploring” for many hours. Our Reference Library is being organized with hundreds of books, manuals and Ford DVD videos. An irresistible mecca for the Ford V-8 enthusiast! And we’re still adding to the collection.

Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum

Experience the passion as you step back through time to the golden era of automobiles. Walk the same hallways as the automotive giants of yesterday. Touring the museum will give you an impression of what a day at Auburn Automobile Company must have been like in the 1930s.